Are YOU a Freak? I am. A 2014 Highlight.

This past year, I had the incredible honor of being included as a case study in The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth, a new book by New York Times’ best selling author Chris Brogan.  In it, Chris talks about leveraging your individuality and passion for success.

I highly recommend the book for those looking to establish their own enterprise or further their venture in an authentic way.

The following is an excerpt from a post that originally appeared on on June 22, 2014

Are You a Freak?

In the parlance of this book, a freak is someone obsessed with excellence and a deep understanding of their domain. Marc Ecko is a freak about design and apparel and deep level brand-making with meaning (interviewed in this book). Tony Hawk is a freak about skateboarding and the community around it (interviewed in this book). Kate White is a freak about women’s success plus a mystery novelist and so much more (interviewed in this book). Sam Calagione is a freak about beer making and music (interviewed in this book). In short, I talk to people who are passionate about something the average person might not be, at least not to their level, and have gone one to make success from it.

What Does This Book Talk About?

It’s not a book of high and mighty ideas. It’s a book of action. Where do you start? How do you go from being a misfit to being a misfit who makes a living being a misfit (like AJ and Melissa Leon). How do you turn your passions into something that fuels your passion to travel the world like Chris Guillebeau? How do you learn what it takes to grow your ideas into something sustainable? And what tools will you need along the way?


Chris was interviewed by JJ Ramberg at MSNBC’s Your Business show.

Here’s the segment on The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth:



Click here for the complete post


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