I am a #proudfreak. As seen in The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth

Chris Brogan has been something of a mentor over the last few years. Pretty much since I started Industry Portage. I forget how I found him. I think I was simply looking for help on marketing and social media for the business.  I’ve never met someone more generous with their time and knowledge.  We interacted a bit through his blog posts and newsletters and we became virtual friends.  Perhaps with hubris, I consider him a friend, though we’ve never met.  He’s been tremendously supportive of what I’ve built with Industry Portage and has even been a customer a few times over.  He’s written a few books about marketing in this digital age and have even been a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Recently, Chris came out with another gem, The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth.

The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth by Chris Brogan

It it truly an honor to have been interviewed and included in this book. Chris writes, “RJ Diaz runs Industry Portage, a company that produces laptop bags, duffel bags, and other utilitarian goods with a kind of rugged beauty. R.J. comes from the construction industry, which isn’t a field known for its fashion sense.” Want to know why he thinks I’m a freak? Please buy the book for the rest of the interview and SO MUCH MORE.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or employee, I highly recommend you also sign up for his weekly newsletter with tons of takeaways for personal and business growth.


The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth is a guide for the kind of person who wouldn’t normally pick up a business book.

The personal business revolution is upon us. Here’s your recipe book for starting your revolutionary business, including some of what you will learn:

How to be as weird as you want while providing a viable business structure to support it
What most people are missing from the basic frameworks of doing business
How to turn passions into businesses
How to build out the Digital Channel
What Kickstarter and Square mean for the future of business
Take the plunge. Learn to fail and then win. Dare to do something that “everyone else” doesn’t. The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth will help.

Bestselling author and successful entrepreneur Chris Brogan explains step-by-step how to build your business from the ground up, all without compromising the unique mindset and personal values that make you a freak in the first place.


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