Seth Godin: Required Reading

Seth’s daily email seems to always address something that’s on my mind. It’s like he’s a mind reader. Really, he’s just addressing the concerns of the entrepreneur or hard-working person that wants to make a difference, set themselves apart from the rest, and live a maximum life.

In an article he wrote 10 YEARS AGO, he says “The new fast company isn’t fast at all. It’s gradual, slow, measured, and organized. It’s making small bets. Which, it turns out, is the fastest way of all to get back to where you want to be.”

He knew then what many should know by now. You can be a part of the race to the bottom (Walmart, etc.) or you can make a difference, be yourself, and express yourself with your God-given talents. You can try to take shortcuts, but the payback is big when you do the work daily.  Love the grind, as Chris Brogan would tell you.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Seth a couple of times and he’s always genuinely interested in who you are and what you’re doing.  His book, The Purple Cow, was definitely a big influence when I read it as I was starting my company. It’s required reading, along with “Little Bets”, “Crush It”, “The War of Art”, “The Brand Within”, and “The Lean Startup”.  Required listening: Seth Godin’s Startup School.

Whether you are an established entrepreneur, just getting started, or simply have a brilliant idea, you need to have Seth in your life.

Here are five standout posts as an example, picked by one of Seth’s colleagues, Bernadette Jiwa:

Five years from now…

Ode: How to tell a great story

Make something happen

I spread your idea because…

Reject the tyranny of being picked: pick yourself



Remember: every day, we write our own resume.


Go safely and adventure boldly.


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