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The Industry Portage Co.

A bounty of awesome bags

Industry Portage Co.-A Bounty of Awesome Bags

Pursuing design ideas amassed during a 17yr career in construction, the trained architect behind The Industry Portage Co. is turning out rugged, stylish, functional bags modeled after stashes for tools and expedition equipment, though unlike you, those dudes don’t have to buy their huge sack. Handmade from a combo of new & repurposed materials, you can see nods to Red Wing, Levi’s, and even Harley-Davidson as you peruse his:

Architect's Tote and Cargo Duffel

Totes: The heavy-duty-canvas Architote (w/ leather bottom & straps) is ideal if you need something “slightly oversize and sturdy”, while the all-purpose, zip-close Cargo is great for “the gym”, as its ballistic nylon reinforcement will keep it from getting shredded like your delts.

Milton's Tote - Upcycled Suede Welder's Jacket

Ltd Editions: Current one-offs include a Dr Moreau-ian brief-tote hybrid made from a gently used suede welder’s jacket once owned by a steel worker named Milton, who hopefully can admit that it’s (Paradise) lost to him.

Canvas Duffel and Dopp Kit

Dopp and Duffel: Covering light travel needs are the exterior-pocketed ZipTop Dopp kit and a canvas duffel boasting a water-resistant bottom, suede detailing, and polished chrome hardware, though for a large sack, it thankfully won’t make you look like a total tool.

The Industry Portage Co.

Published: July 30, 2012 at 4:00am EDT by Joe McGauley


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