Live More Awesome: Vacation Built Around The Best Water Slides of the World

The other day I was trying to find something other than silly cartoons to show my kids on TV (yes, we already read and had lots of playtime, so we were all exhausted and just needed a little break). I came across a travel channel that featured the BEST water slides of the world and it hit me. I decided that one day, I will build a vacation around the most awesome water parks in the world.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV as they showed the fearless and fearful as they plunged and slid through some of the sickest water slides.  My 3 year old son went NUTS and screamed “I want to do that!” every time he saw someone go down a slide.  My 5-year old daughter meekly asked, “I don’t have to do that, right?”

What’s your favorite water slide?

Currently my list includes:

The Mammoth in Indiana, USA

The Insano in Brazil.

Costa Rican Rain Forest

Jay’s Peak, Vermont

After I mentioned this to a friend, they happened to come across a post on the Huffington Post about an INDIEGOGO campaign to create the world’s longest waterslide.

“A New Zealand charity working to combat depression is building the world’s longest water slide — 650 meters of narrow white water — on a private ranch land outside Auckland. Live More Awesome, the group behind the project, plans to open the temporary slide, along with two more slides nearby, for two days starting February 23.

LMA raised funding for their wacky project through the crowd funding site Indiegogo, where they offered supporters a variety of incentives, including tickets and the opportunity to enter a rubber ducky in a race down the flume. With 37 days left for supporters to offer the group money, LMA has received a little over $20,000 of its stated $70,000 goal.

When it debuts, the New Zealand water slide will be surpassing the Mammoth at Indiana’s Splashin’ Safari, a ride that — rather surprisingly — offers fewer chances for close encounters of the bovine kind.

Jimi Hunt, one of the brains behind this Kiwi answer to the Insano, claims he already built the world’s biggest slip ‘n slide. So he’s qualified at least.”


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