Review of the Cargo Gear Bag by Gay Travel Information

A great write up here by Desiree Sousa for Gay Travel Information about the Cargo Gear Bag

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Everyone knows what it is like to see something and know your world would just be so much better if you had it! 😉 Well, that was the case when I discovered the beautiful bags made by Industry Portage. I was immediately drawn to their rugged, stylish design.

The Industry Portage Company designs and builds carry goods of high quality, craftsmanship, durability, and function. They guarantee their bags for life. Their approach, methods, and designs are inspired by the minds that invent and innovate, and the hands the build and create. Their designs are informed by diverse applications such as tool bags, boating equipment, photographer’s bags, and expedition gear.

Their custom bags are made by local artisans, tailors and sewers. They have also initiated an adaptive reuse program by designing bags using re-purposed materials such as welder’s suede jackets, which supports their initiatives and goals for decreasing…

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