Kickstarter: A great way to spend your $$$

About a year ago, while getting ready to launch my webshop,  I realized I needed to do some serious editing.  In addition to prioritizing my time, I had so many things. Items that I did not use or need anymore that possibly had some value to someone else.  I emptied about half a truckload of clothes, toys, and household items from my home and donated most of it to one of my favorite charities, Big Brothers Big Sisters (I hope you’ll consider cleaning out your house and doing the same!).  Some went for sale and some to friends or family that had use for it.  It made me think about how I could give back personally and through my company.  Around that time, I had read an excellent book by Marc Benioff, founder of call , Behind the Cloud(affiliate link).  In addition to some great business and marketing ideas, the most important takeaway for me was Marc’s idea of giving back.  Known simply as “1-1-1”, the concept is simple: donate 1% of your time, 1% of your profits, and 1% of your product.   For a company the size of, this is huge.  For me, it’s hardly a speck of sand in this world. For now.

Kickstarter, a well known crowdsourcing site, allows people like me to give money to help implement great ideas. To me, this is also a way of supporting self-starters, giving back and engaging with the world community. I’m proud to be a part of several Kickstarter projects, such as Bluff WorksLowdtown, Hickies, Seth Godin’s publisher experiment The Icarus Deception, and my favorite, Roominate:Make It Yours, a toy “that makes every young girl an artist, an engineer, an architect, and a visionary.”

I’ve been thinking about getting on the Kickstarter to fund the establishment of my custom bag concept,

What do you think? Should I go for it? Have you funded any Kickstarter projects I should consider funding myself?


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