The Milton: our new limited edition, upcycled brief/tote made from a suede welder’s jacket.

I imagine Milton, like many of us, is a hard-working family man. An American. I’m sure Milton was a craftsman at his steel shop who took great pride in in work and much care for his tools and equipment.  Like many craftsmen I’ve seen in my own time, he probably cleaned and maintained his tools well and they took good care of him and his family. Judging by the gentle use of his welder’s jacket that recently came into my possession, he even took great care of his work gear. Unlike my first suede welder’s jacket I had to work with(see bottom of this post), this one was found with few spark burns or oil stains.  Still, the slight wear and tear of the ultra soft suede material gives it a nice patina and feel in your hands.

From this start point, I decided to design more of a compact briefcase/tote bag, for the man or woman who knows how to keep only the essential close at hand. Today, in honor of this hard-working American, I introduce to you the The Milton. Made in USA.
  • 14″ long x 12″ high x 2-1/2″ wide (bottom)
  • Ultra-soft suede upcycled from a welder’s jacket
  • Made in the USA
  • $220


Milton neatly inscribed his jacket and we kept that in mind for our repurposed design.



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