To my Dad

I’ve been a dad for about 5 years and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever known. The daily reward of the love and joy of my children is humbling and inspiring to everything I do. If I am to take any credit as a good father, however, it is only because of the good fortune of having the father I have.

I am lucky to have my father around and nearby most of the time and I take every opportunity to hear his stories of his youth, his upbringing, and especially his years as a young man trying to make a life for himself and his young family as a Colombian immigrant. I continue to be inspired and think of his struggle and his hard work to make a comfortable life for his family.

I write this as a personal outlet and establish here the reasons behind any success I have. I’m sure mom will make sure he gives this a read since she’s my biggest fan, so here I will tell you.

Dad, I love you. You’re my hero, my inspiration, and a big part of the man and father I am. I wish you an awesome Father’s Day.

And to my bear and lion, thank you for the amazing blessing of being your father.

Here’s some great old pics I found in my archives of his early years in the USA…






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