Sneek Peek: The Canvas Duffle. Cheers @StealthMountain!

I love that a twitter account exists to correct those of us who mistakenly write sneak peak instead of sneak peek.

So, here’s to you @StealthMountain. Thanks for correcting our spelling eror and making us feel dum.

Anyway, here again, is a sneek peek of our newest model, the canvas duffle.


It’s really awesome, and when it becomes available, you must buy one.

It’s not your daddy’s (or momma’s) duffle.  It’s updated, it’s elegant, it’s got lots of little compartment’s outside for easy access to your phone, keys, wallet, plane tickets, passport, chewing gum, breath mints…

It’s perfect for all forms of travel or daily use as a workout bag.

It’s made with a high quality, industrial weight cotton canvas, a water-resistant ballistic nylon bottom and a sweet suede trim.  The inside is pretty dope too!



Pre-order sale coming soon! Stay tooned for detailz!


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